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The purpose of this forge

This forge is dedicated to all the developments, technical documentations and announcements related to PMB or any other software directly linked to PMB, provided here on the forge as a project.

How to access and register

The ability to check informations related to projects of the forge relies on the creator/administrator of the project.
Everybody is free to read all the informations related to the PMB project. Any interaction (leave a request, contribute to the forums or to the wiki, etc.) needs you to be registered to the forge.

The registration must be validated by moderators. This validation is chosen by the administrators of the forge.

The registration does not guarantee you the access to the projects neither than the right to interact in accessible projects : each project manager is free to give the rights he wants to a tenderer.

Project creation

In the case of the creation of a new project, this project can be deleted and the access to it forbidden if :
  • The code, the replies, the forum or any information available about this project does not comply with the applicable law.
  • The project is not directly related to PMB.

Any software offered as part of a project has to be distributed a license that complies with GPL v2 or v3. We would like to draw your attention on the fact that in France, guarantee denial is forbidden, so any software distributed in France has to provide a minimum guarantee. The CeCILL license takes this part of the law into account and is compatible with GPL, that is why it is the recommended one in France.

Projects including software with terms of use that do not guarantee the right to access the source code, to modify it and to redistribute the software, modified or not, will not be accepted on this forge.

In the case where a software uses an external module (not included in the source code) with a license which does not comply with GPL, you will need the explicit authorisation of the owner of the module.

CVS and SSH access

Every member of a project is given an SSH access to the server hosting the forge in order to access the project's CVS, if he has the rights for it. The SSH access is limited and only the cvs command is available. However, any abuse of this access to collect data from the server, to modify the server's configuration, to take control of another member's SSH access, or to use the server's resources for something else than the forge or for illegal purpose is strictly forbidden. A complaint will systematically be submitted against persons who do or try to do such things.

A CVS storage is created for each project. The access to this CVS depends on the rights given by the project administrators. PMB Services is not responsible of the access policy of a project.

Rights and duties of the reader

Any contributor remains the owner of his contributions, no matter their nature (source code, message, forums contributions, etc.). In this way, any user of the forge must respect the rights of intellectual property of the authors. Except the source code which is under GPL license, users must not reproduce or distribute the contributions posted on other supports without its authors consent.

Rights and duties of the contributor

Any contributor remains the owner of all his contributions and of the related rights of intellectual property. However, we have to remind you that any code under GPL license can be used, modified and redistributed by anyone. All of the content you post on the forge is under your responsibility. In this way, you have to comply with applicable laws and rules and people's rights. For example, you must not post any content that is violent, insulting and vulgar, defamatory, racist, revisionist, glorifying war crimes, paedophile, calling to murder or inciting suicide, inciting discrimination and hate, violating intellectual property rights (press articles, message from somebody else).
Please make sure to be courteous enough to let the forge function correctly.


This forge is moderated before you register, which means that all the registrations and project creations must be validated by the administration team of the forge. These messages are moderated under the will of the administrators of each project. A delay of a few hours up to 2 days can take place before a registration is accepted or a message is available to the public.
The moderator ensures that your contribution is relevant to the project in which it is submitted or to PMB, that it respects the applicable laws and rules and that it allows an efficient teamwork. Moderators keep themselves the right to refuse to publish messages containing things that have already been said, advertising, contrary to the public order and good moral standards, violent, racist, revisionist, glorifying war crimes, insulting or vulgar, contrary to the copyright, related rights, database rights, trademark, image reproduction rights, privacy or breaking any other applicable rules or laws.
Any published contribution remains under the responsibility of its author.
Readers can ask to verify any contentious contribution on this forge by contacting the moderator at :


All the contributions published on this forge may be referenced by a search engine and, in this way, may be consulted by people out of the forge.
We collect and keep track of any one who has seen your data and/or your contributions.
This forge keeps all the data necessary to identify the authors of the contributions and archives privately the posted contributions. These informations can only be given to legal authorities explicitly asking for it.
The content of the contributions can also be exceptionally and anonymously shared with a scientific or university research organisation.

Modification and deletion of the contributions

You can ask us to modify or delete your own messages any time at , by precising the title and date of your message, your ID, the URL and the related project.

Terms of use

Protection of personal data

In accordance to the data protection act of the 6th January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, correct and delete data about you.

You can exercise this right by sending an e-mail to :

or by sending a mail to :

PMB Services

ZA de Mont sur Loir

72500 Ch√Ęteau-Du-Loir


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