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Subscribe to PMB forge

To subscribe, just click on the subscribe link at the upper right side of the page. Fill in your personal data but leave empty the Public key field.


After your subscription, you will receive a confirmation email to finish the registration process. To receive this email, your subscription must be validated by the PMB forge webmaster. Validating your subscription can take from a few hours to two days.

After subscribing

When you received the confirmation email, you can apply to contribute to an existing project or even create your own new project .

SSH & CVS access

As soon as you become a project member, an ssh access is granted to you in order to reach the CVS server of PMB forge. Adding your user account to the CVS server is done every hour.

To put your public ssh key on the server, copy the key content in the area of the field Public key of the My account page.

The key will be copied into your .ssh directory at the latest one hour after.

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