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Versions of PMB ILS

The stable version of PMB is the 4.1 (4.1.6) and the 4.2 is available since march 2015 but is still a release candidate.
You can access the stable version by downloading in the Files tab or on PMB Services website.


You can get versions of PMB ILS by an anonymous access in read only mode until the version 4.2RC :

*Version 4.2RC :

cvs -d export - r V_4_2RC pmb

*Stable version (4.1) :

cvs -d export -r V_4_1 pmb

*Old stable version (3.5) :

cvs -d export -r V_3_5 pmb

You can get the previous versions using the -r option of the CVS command with the following tags :
*Version 3.4 : V_3_4
*Version 3.3 : V_3_3
*Version 3.2 : V_3_2_7
*Version 3.1 : V3_1
*Version 3.0 : V3_0
*Version 2.2 : V2_2
*Version 2.1 : V2_1
*Version 2.0 : V2_0
*Version 1.3 : V1_3_3

You can also do a checkout to synchronize your PMB installation with the patches of the stable version.

HEAD Version

You can't get the HEAD version by CVS. A tar.gz archive is automatically generated each week. You may download the file pmb_nightlybuild_aaaa_mm_jj.tar.gz in the Files tab.

Warning : the HEAD version is proposed as is, there are partial developments inside. There is no warranty about stability of this version.

How to be member of the development team and gain access to the development CVS ?

You can ask for a developer account by sending an email to pmb(_at_) .

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