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Create a project

To create a new project, click on the main menu entry Projects and then click on the New project link.

For each new project, an associated CVS repository is created.

Project options

Anonymous access

  1. No : The anonymous access to the CVS is not allowed. You have to be a member contributor of the project to access the CVS.
  1. Yes : The anonymous access is allowed for everybody.
  1. Yes, restricted : The anonymous access is allowed on a copy of the CVS with no head (see bellow to precise the maximum branch or tag on that you want to restrict the copy). This copy is automatically done each night.

Tag-branch for restriction

For a restricted anonymous access, this is the CVS tag beyond which all changes to each file is deleted from the CVS.

Construct nightly build

You can export automatically from the CVS the head version of the project. A night script puts the export in the file space of the project.

  1. No : No export
  1. Yes : Export the HEAD branch of the CVS.

Directory for nightly build

This is the CVS directory from which the nightly build is done.

Number of days

This is the number of days between two nightly build.

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